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OPTEX is a world leading manufacturer of high performance sensing technologies.
For over 40 years, OPTEX has been trusted by thousands of customers worldwide for the accuracy and reliability of its detection systems.

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Wireless system for Outdoor / Indoor Burglar Alarm & Smart Home
Improve CCTV video surveillance efficiency by Integration with sensors
Reduce construction period & maintenance of vehicle detection system

Our Products

Security Sensor and Burglar Alarm System
Automatic Door Sensor
People Counting Sensor
Car Parking Sensor
Factory Automation Sensor

Our Solutions

Why Choose us?

High Quality

All OPTEX products are designed in Japan.
OPTEX performs over 150 product evaluation tests devised in-house tailoring to assumed usage environment,
for example snowfall tests, thermostatic chamber tests and body detection tests.
We develop high quality sensors by our expertise in field knowledge.

High Reliability

We do business in more than 80 countries.
Our products are used in several iconic landmarks and critical facilities around the world.
Over 20 million OPTEX sensors are now in operation around the world.
They are used for various applications that keep people safe, secure and comfortable.

Support system and after-sales service

OPTEX has a base in Thailand to provide prompt delivery and technical support to our customers in ASEAN countries.
As sales support, we often conduct product trainings as well as filed survey together with our customers.
We are confident in the quality of our products and guarantee 1 ~ 5 years after sales.

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