Vehicle Detection Sensor “Viik” series for Parking Management

OPTEX’s “Viik” vehicle detection sensors detect the motion and presence of vehicles and can be used in various vehicle detection applications.
Loop coil sensors have been the common way for detecting vehicles in parking spaces.
However, the “new vehicle sensor – Viik” developed by OPTEX to replace loop coils are coming to attracting attention as a key part in the operation of a new type of parking lot.
Viik does not need to be buried underground so it can realize an easy installation and there is no need to stop the traffic or dig the ground for construction.

Vehicle Detection Sensor “Viik” series

Viik Gate - OVS-01GT

The OVS-01GT is a sensor that detects the approaching, presence, and leaving of vehicles near the barrier gate. It can be used to open / close the gate and activate a ticket machine and a car number recognition system near the gate.
It detects by with combination of microwave (Doppler shift, FMCW technologies) and ultrasonic wave.

Viik Count - OVS-01CC

OVS-01CC is a Vehicle Counting Sensor and is designed to reliably detect and count moving vehicles up to 60km/h.
It detects with combination of microwave Doppler shift and FMCW technologies.

Feature of “Viik” series

No need to burial underground

Strong against rain and wind

Not affected by vehicle body color

Human cancellation to detect only vehicles (patent pending)


Barrier Gate Opening

Barrier gate is often installed at the entrances of parking lots of shopping malls, office buildings etc.. The OVS-01GT, which does not require burial, is easy to install and there is no need to stop the traffic or dig the ground for construction. This leads to a significant reduction in construction period and maintenance costs. Burying construction makes big noise, it’s not preferred in places such as hospitals where a quiet environment is required 24 hours a day. OVS-01GT can minimize the noise of construction work without bothering people.

Car License Plate Recognition

OVS-01GT can detect only vehicles by the human cancellation function. It’s not affected by car body color and can detect CFRP vehicles. Due to its high detection performance, OPTEX has a lot of projects that OVS-01GT activates the car license plate recognition system.

Vehicle Warning System

Pedestrians and vehicles may hit each other when parking lot exit is close to sidewalk By installing OVS-01GT near the exit, it can be used to activate the caution light in the exit warning system.

Truck Occupancy System

OVS-01GT can be used for truck guiding system at logistic center. A logistic office recognize the occupancy and it guides trucks to vacant dock. OVS-01GT ignores most of workers traffic near docks due to a human cancellation capability.

Vehicle Counting System

By counting the number of cars in parking lot in real time, it can be used for fullness management systems and guidance to empty parking lots. Since car counting requires detecting only vehicles, OVS-01CC’s human cancellation feature can meet that requirement.

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