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Corporate Profile

Company name OPTEX FA CO., LTD.
CEO Tatsuya Nakajima
Established January 7, 2002
Capital JPY 385,000,000
Business Development, production and sales of photoelectric sensors, laser displacement sensors, vision sensors and non-contact thermometers for industrial automation use
Global URL https://www.optex-fa.com/
Phone No. +66(0) 2168 3162
Email thailand@optex-fa.com
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Corporate History

OPTEX FA CO., LTD. started as the industrial photoelectric sensor business of parent company, OPTEX CO., LTD.  SICK OPTEX CO., LTD. was subsequently established, as a joint venture with SICK AG of Germany, the world’s largest industrial sensor manufacturer. Our development and technological capabilities have been highly evaluated through business with SICK.

In 2002, the organization became independent, as the current OPTEX FA.Along with accumulation of know-how and experience through technical collaboration with the major supplier in the industry, we have created our own product brand, FASTUS.

OPTEX FA has now grown to be one of the core business of OPTEX GROUP CO., LTD., that is listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.