VMS Integration with security sensors

Increase Efficiency, Effectiveness and Value of IP Camera Video Surveillance

Integrating OPTEX sensors with Video Management Software (VMS) system complements each other’s capabilities and weaknesses.
It can provide solutions to common problems of video surveillance system and increase the efficiency, effectiveness and value of IP video surveillance.

Make video surveillance more efficient

For a security system at a lot of commercial and industrial sites, they monitor multiple CCTVs from remote or local monitoring centers. Especially in applications with large areas such as airports, power plants etc., quite a number of CCTVs are installed. In applications such as data centers, which are divided into multiple layers of security zones, CCTV is generally installed for each zone or security point. Of course, not only installation of the system but also human resources such as security guards and operators who monitor videos of surveillance cameras are required. It can be difficult for operators to monitor footage from a large number of cameras without overlooking them and always respond immediately to emergencies, and they may miss important scenes. Therefore, it is necessary to build a system to detect intrusions and suspicious persons efficiently and reliably, and to always respond promptly.

OPTEX’s intrusion detection sensors and system can provide a highly accurate warning system which enables you to immediately confirm alarm scenes locally or remotely by linking with surveillance cameras. When a sensor detects an intrusion, a linked camera will be triggered for actions such as Live pop-up or PTZ camera control on the screen of monitoring room, and security guards can take a prompt and on-point action to dispatch for on-site check, call police/ owner or makes a voice warning remotely.
It realizes the efficiency of the operation for reliable response in the event of an emergency.

Minimize false alarms by integration of video surveillance and OPTEX sensor system

In the outdoor environment, there are various factors which can be a case of false alarm for the video sensing technology in the video system,

such as

  • glare of the sun
  • shadows
  • waving of the vegetation
  • insects passing on the camera lens
  • environmental factors (rain,snow,fog)
  • car headlights, etc..

OPTEX’s high-quality outdoor sensors are developed based on its know-how that has a thorough knowledge of the field and all of them have passed various product evaluation tests which ensures that only the highest quality products carry the OPTEX name.  Using OPTEX technology and algorithms to reduce the impact of these factors, it can dramatically reduce false alarms.
By integrating surveillance cameras with video sensing and OPTEX sensors, it is possible to complement each other’s weaknesses and provide high detection performance with minimized false alarms.

How to integrate OPTEX sensors and video surveillance systems

1. Integration of REDSCAN Pro and VMS

REDSCAN Pro series can be integrated to VMS because it complies with ONVIF profile S. REDSCAN Pro is a highly accurate outdoor and indoor security sensor using LiDAR technology with advanced detection performance, long-range customizable detection and environment resistance.
Equipped with OPTEX’s most advanced technology it provides excellent detection performance not affected by variable lighting, temperature or environmental changes, making it the best solution for high security sites.
※[Detection area] RLS-50100V: 50 x 100m / RLS-3060V: 30 x 60m

2. Integration of REDSCAN mini and VMS

REDSCAN mini is a compact and cosmetic IP/PoE laser scan detector using LiDAR technology.
It generates unique REDWALL Event Codes that are already integrated with many popular Video Management Systems (VMS), allowing it to trigger events. In addition, it also supports multiple network protocols for integration with VMS platforms and Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) platforms which may require HTTP/HTTPS, SNMP, etc..Not impacted by any lighting conditions, it will act as a trigger to enhance video surveillance or a wide range of security systems.

3. Direct integration of IP LiDAR sensor and IP camera

For REDSCAN Pro and REDSCAN mini, those sensors can directly integration with any IP cameras that open Web API in public.
In this use, it doesn’t need REDWALL Event Codes or analog relay output integration.

4. Integration of dry-contact-output OPTEX sensors and VMS

OPTEX analog-relay-output sensors such as photobeam sensors and outdoor/indoor motion sensors (PIR, MW), and fiber optic sensors can be integrated VMS system via “PIE-1” which is a Analog to IP encoder.
PIE-1 can convert analog relay outputs from those sensors to REDWALL Event Code to connect to VMS platforms and control IP cameras.

OPTEX sensors are integrated with

  • Genetec
  • Milestone
  • Bosch
  • Panasonic Video Insight
  • Exacq
  • Digifort
  • Axis
  • Hanwha
  • Other VMS and IP cameras

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