Proactive Video Monitoring

Thanks to the technology development over the past decade, there are many more efficient and affordable options now for the property security than we had just 10 years ago. Proactive Video Monitoring (PVM) which is a new solution in the video surveillance industry changes the customer’s experience of CCTV surveillance from “Reactive” to “Proactive”.

CCTV surveillance systems are commonly used in various applications such as homes, factories, warehouses, and commercial facilities, but these systems are ideal for “Recording” and are insufficient for preventing crimes before it happens. On the other hand, Proactive Video Monitoring is a sensor-triggered video surveillance solutions. This system immediately sends an alert to house owners or security operators in monitoring room by a trigger of detection by burglar alarm sensors and it enables to confirm the video of linked camera with sensors. This provides real-time warnings of potential security threats, enabling house owners or security operators to take action against the threat at an earlier stage and preventing crimes before it happens.

Reactive Video Monitoring (Traditional Video Surveillance)

CCTV is the first choice for almost all end users considering implementing a security solution. However, when used as a stand-alone CCTV, while it is an effective tool for reviewing “what happened”, it is not sufficient to ensure security. Reactive systems that respond to crimes after they occur cannot prevent crimes. So, this fact is not good for users who have invested money for CCTV systems.
Additionally, video surveillance systems that record constantly generate a large amount of data, making it impractical for security operators to review footage in real time without missing any emergencies. This can lead to delays in responding to security threats, which may provide loss to you and your business.
The goal of security systems has always been to prevent loss of life and property. However, due to the limitations of these traditional video surveillance solutions, reactive security can not achieve this goal.

Common issues with surveillance cameras in homes

  • Stop using after a few month
    Installed a surveillance camera system at home. The user had interest and checked the video frequently in the beginning, but after a few months he only became checking it a few times a month.
  • False Alarms by camera’s video analytics sensing
    Although using outdoor cameras equipped with image-sensing detection functions, false alarms occur almost every day by car headlights, cats, birds, insects, and sway of trees. As a result, even when the user receives alarms, he became only checking them occasionally.

Common issues with surveillance cameras in factories / commercial facilities

  • Maintain human performance for 24/7
    Installing multiple surveillance cameras and security guards in the monitoring room are checking the monitor screens 24/7, but this is inefficient and there is a possibility that threats may be missed.
  • Unable to shoot clear video at night
    The intruder was recorded by the surveillance camera and was found on video the next day, but it was too dark to see intruder’s face clearly.
  • False Alarms by video analytics detection
    Some cameras with video analytics are not capable of being used in outdoor environment as they often cause false alarms. Also, performance decreases especially at night or in bad weather.

Benefit of Proactive Video Monioring

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    Immediate response to threats: PVM detects intruders in real time and notifies house owners or facility security operators. Additionally, a sensor trigger can be used to immediately sound a siren to threaten the intruder.
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    Faster threat response: House owners and security operators can visually review camera footage when an alarm is triggered, allowing them to instantly understand what is happening and make decisions how to respond. This can reduce their judgment and response time.
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    Cost cutting: By replacing some of the security guards monitoring the site with sensors, fixed costs for security guards can be reduced. This hibrid security provides you long-term cost efficiency.
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    Further utilization of surveillance cameras: Surveillance camera systems that were not fully utilized just for recording can be upgraded to damage and crime prevention (real-time response).
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    Prevents threats from being missed: Sensors are protecting 24 hours a day, allowing surveillance operators to detect intruders much more efficiently and accurately than by simply looking at multiple surveillance cameras without sensors. This helps prevent threats from being overlooked. It also reduces the workload of monitoring operators.

    Compare the Result of Intrusion between Reactive and Proactive Security

    (1) Home

    Reactive (Before)

    Proactive (After)

    (2) Factory / Warehouse / Commercial facilities

    Reactive (Before)

    Proactive (After)

    Proactive Video Monitoring vs. Reactive Video Monitoring

    Here is the comparison between Proactive Video Monitoring and Reactive Video Monitoring.

    Reactive (Traditional Video Surveillance)
    Leave evidence of emergency
    Prevent Crime
    Real-time Response
    Detection of event Automatically by Sensor Human-Eye Checking
    Alert notification immediately
    Make awareness of the alarm event by strobe light or pop up display on the monitoring screen.
    Send alert notification with short video including pre-event recording.
    Detter and stop intrusion by sounding a siren or sending security personnel.
    Minimize risk of Property or human damage
    Cost-effectiveness and efficiency
    Initial cost is higher than Reactive but it can minimizes the risk of damage and save money in the long run.

    Initial cost is low. But the security equipment investment is not fully utilized for the real security purpose.
    Security system efficiency & benefit Very High Low

    OPTEX's Proactive Video Monitoring Solution

    OPTEX Proactive Video Monitoring solution can be easily integrated with video surveillance systems which are using Video Management Software (VMS), Network Video Recorder (NVR) etc.. Proactive Video Monitoring solution from OPTEX includes both outdoor and indoor security. Therefore, you can upgrade your outdoor and indoor surveillance cameras to Proactive Video Monitoring using OPTEX sensor detection as a trigger. The system configuration varies depending on the application, site conditions your requirement and budget, and OPTEX offers solutions to suit each of the following.


    For Home

    Sensor-triggered Proactive Video Monitoring system notifies you when there is an intruder / suspicious person in your home property and allows you to check footage in real time.


    For Industries & Commercial Facilities

    Sensor-triggered Proactive Video Monitoring system improves security productivity in factories, warehouses, and light commercial facilities, reduces security costs, and realizes proactive crime prevention.


    For Facilities need High Level Security

    OPTEX sensors are ready to integrate with Video Management System (VMS) by using the ONVIF protocol or REDWALL Event Codes that are already compatible with various popular VMS. We have many installations in critical facilities such as airports, power plants, data centers, etc.

    Advantages to use OPTEX's Proactive Video Monitoring Solution

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      Reliable security system
      OPTEX is the world leader in the sensing security. Over 40 years, OPTEX has been trusted by thousands of customers worldwide and it is ranked as a world No.1 security sensors supplier. (ref.:, 2023 Security Top 50 Industry Report).
      Highly reliable system contributes secure and comfortable daily life and operation.
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      Outdoor sensor protection
      Outdoor security sensors that protect the perimeter (A-zone) and middle areas such as approach areas, windows, gardens, etc. (B-zone) can detect intruders before they reach the building, allowing house owners or security operators to respond on earlier stage. OPTEX highly reliable outdoor sensors that have been proven at millions of sites worldwide can compensate for the weakness of CCTV Video Analytics Detection’s false alarm problem at outdoor environment and realize a highly comfortable life or security operation.
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      Long-range Wireless solution
      OPTEX sensing system are also available in wireless solution that can cover the wireless range of both residential and commercial sites. Since using wireless devices, there is no need for the wiring or digging that is required for a case of wired devices. This not only reduces installation times and costs significantly but also preserves the aesthetics of your property.
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      Easy deployment / upgrades your existing system
      Wireless sensing system makes easy deployments of PVM solution. It also can easily upgrade your existing NVR and CCTV video surveillance system to a sensor-triggered PVM.
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      Flexible integration to suit your budget
      With having flexible integration capability from entry-level NVR to professional VMS together with intrusion detection system linkage, you can select the best suited system according to your budget and site requirements.

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