ViiK, the unique sensor solution for car parking management from OPTEX, no need to stop the traffic for construction or dig the ground. ViiK is very easy installation and suitable for the barrier, slide and swing gate, it can be mounted nearly a gate to open the gate, activate ticket machine and close gate after a car completely pass through. To provide more reliability of detection, ViiK is designed to use Microwave and Ultrasonic technology to detect the presence and motion of vehicles and also can ignore human movement.


  • Microwave (Doppler shift and FMCW)
  • ● Car counting sensor
  • ● Pole mount sensor – no civil engineering work required
  • ● Microwave (FMCW) detection adjustable from 1 to 8m
  • ● Reliable in a harsh environment (snow, dust, rain)
  • ● Detecting vehicles at a speed from 2 to 60km/h
  • ● IP65
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  • Combination of Microwave and Ultrasonic Technology
  • ● Vehicle detection sensor for barrier gate
  • ● Easy installation and construction period can be shorted
  • ● Combination of microwave (Doppler shift, FMCW technologies) and ultrasonic wave
  • ● For gate, barrier, and industrial door activation
  • ● Detecting vehicles at a speed from 2 to 20km/h
  • ● IP65
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