Outdoor Home Burglar Alarm System, GENIO

Outdoor Security Which Optex Believes

Home CCTV is a useful solution to record and know “What happened in the past”. However, it does not give you any notifications when an intruder breaks into your house. OPTEX believes that having outdoor security is the most effective way to secure your safety. Imagine that you run into an intruder in your house. This is the worst situation. With outdoor home alarm system, it can notify you right after an intruder reaches your garden so that you can respond it earlier or even turn them away by the sound of outdoor siren.

What is GENIO Home Burglar Alarm System

GENIO is a wireless outdoor home burglar alarm system from OPTEX. GENIO alarm system can watch your home for 24 hours / 7 days including outdoor premises such as garden and backyard. This enables to realize the most important measure for home security with smart sensor, to prevent the dangerous situation of your family before something happens, and bring you the life of safety and peace of mind. OPTEX who has been engaged in security industry since 1979 and receives high marks of appreciation for its reliable outdoor alarm system worldwide highly recommends GENIO for your home security.




Guidelines to select Burglar Alarm for your home

  • Usage area : Outdoor, indoor, garden area, walkway, door area or window area etc.
  • Quality and standard : Users should consider reliable equipment to be first priority, which can run for long time without any problem. Users should choose brands that are the manufacturer which has developed and produced the products by itself so the quality can be controlled easier as well. More than that stability and accurate detection is one of important features for a good burglar alarm that must have. By choosing from the good technology used in the product such as PIR (Passive infrared sensor) or motion sensor with microwave (dual tech) can be reduced false alarm.
  • After service : These anti-theft system products require ongoing warranty and service due to long-term use and rugged, especially burglar alarm for outdoor use. In the case the device is damaged, easy to find spare parts, no need to buy new one. Including installation services to ensure the product works properly and perfectly by getting advice from a professional.
  • Easy to control system : Most general users not  much technical knowledge, difficult to use system will make general users confused therefore, a system that can be easily controlled through an app or software is not only easy to use but will also help facilitate while users are away from home, want to control the system from somewhere as well.


> >> About OPTEX Wireless Burglar Alarm products (GENIO) <<<

It is more efficient in use in the following as compared to other general brands.

  • The products are very strong and durable. Especially, the outdoor burglar alarm is designed to withstand the harsh environment. The front cover protects against UV rays and it could work more than 20 years.
  • OPTEX’s wireless burglar alarm system, GENIO works with longer signal range and the wireless connection is stable & strong.
  • The incidence of false alarms is less. OPTEX uses proprietary technology such as Quad Zone Logic for PIR or A.T.P.C Function for Photobeam sensor to reduce false alarms.
  • There are many selections to choose from, especially, outdoor sensor selections are No.1 in the world.
  • The product is able to customize for home automation system by adding more devices.

GENIO Outdoor Protection

GENIO alarm system can watch your home for 24 hours / 7 days including outdoor premises such as garden and backyard.
– Perimeters
– Premises / Garden
– Windows
– Inside Rooms


*See product for outdoor burglar alarm system,

please click >> https://optex-asean.com/outdoor-sensors/

Get to know GENIO with storyboard

Please check the videos to know how GENIO Home Burglar Alarm System works and protect your safety.

Benefit to use GENIO

Outdoor Security
It’s effective for your safety to send an intruder away from your property before break-in occurs.

Remote Notification
GENIO lets you know an emergency even when you go out.

Remote Controlling
Arm / disarm can be set by GENIO smartphone app.

Beauty & Agility
You don’t have to ruin your garden for installation.

Invisible Fence
No physical fence would be required anymore.

Emergency Notification
You can notify your family when emergency with a special PIN code.

Control Panel Specification

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